Kurt Morton

Studio Leader / Principal

When Kurt was 5 years old, his parents build their home from scratch. Each evening, they would visit to check in on its progress. His fascination with seeing the house go from a hole in the ground to a completed space led him to a career in architecture.

This love of building—whether a physical structure or relationships—is seen in his work today. Kurt serves clients with communication and solutions that benefit the larger community. He also cares deeply for cultivating relationships within his team: bringing people together for fulfillment and joy through their projects. Kurt’s commitment to creating opportunity for team members in the El Paso region is a pillar of his contribution to DPS. He continues positioning the El Paso office as an expert design resource for clients in the area and beyond.

Married with four kids, Kurt’s life outside work revolves around his family. He is always on the move: evenings and weekends filled with practices, events, movie nights, and outdoor adventures. He enjoys CrossFit and trail running; in the morning you can find him out on the desert trails.


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