Our People

Human-centered design requires progress-centric humans.

We have made a commitment far beyond excellence in architecture, dedicating ourselves to true change—within our industry, within our neighborhoods, and within our own walls—to deepen our purpose so that we may better the lives of others.

Declaration of Interdependence

We declare, as the professionals of Dekker, to continue to build and hold to a culture of interdependence. A company greater than the sum of its parts, we are more than a collection of people. Through greater respect and connection, we can build bonds with a broader team to raise projects whose scale is equal to that of our ambitions.

We hold these truths ever before us:

That relationships always eclipse projects,
That humility builds while pride breaks,
That the highest measure of success is the accomplishments of our clients,
That the spirit of entrepreneurship is vital and infectious,
That risk cannot be eliminated, must be calculated, and should be disclosed,
That innovation begins with a common language and only when all voices are heard,
That function and form can and should co-exist,
That design has the power to heal and to harm,
That it is always about more than the building,
And that we are stronger together than apart.

Read our minds.

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