Stacking Cans for a Good Cause

Canstruction Santa Fe 2016 | Los Miniones | Dekker/Perich/Sabatini

D/P/S CANstruction design... Los Miniones

How many cans does it take to make some minions? 3,144 cans used in this structure!
Our choice of canned goods go together to make dishes such as posole, chicken enchiladas, and green chile hominy casserole.

D/P/S is involved in Canstruction®, a unique charity which hosts competitions showcasing colossal cansculptures® made out of canned food that is donated to hunger relief organizations.

This year, AIA Santa Fe is hosting our local Television & Movies-themed Canstruction Competition to benefit The Food Depot, dedicated to feeding families throughout Northern New Mexico by redistributing food to more than one hundred local nonprofit agencies.

D/P/S's Canstruction Crew deliberated the scene for the Television & Movies theme and settled on a structure for Minions.

As you know, minions are notorious for causing all sorts of trouble.


But considering this structure is made out of cans for a food drive, the team decided to depict a less destructive moment in minions' lives.

minion inspiration

Inspiration for a conceptual sketch of minions calmly watching TV.

Because it's always more fun to watch TV together than alone, D/P/S's Dave Vasquez sketched two minions in front of the television set, similar to how he described his family "hanging out, watching TV".

The next step was to figure out how to build it. With the help of our very tech-savvy team, we started off our base model using Revit.

Revit model of minion

Step 1, base model using Revit. Step 2, determining how many layers of cans are needed using Dynamo software. Step 3, positioning cans based on their diameter. Step 4, place the canned food and add colors and can types.

Put it together...

final rendering of minions watching TV

And voila!!

Our Canstruction Crew used 3,144 cans total. Blue and yellow green chile cans were used to build the minions watching television, and large hominy cans, tomato cans, and olives created the rest of the scene. All cans were donated to the Food Depot.

The Canstruction build and showcase was in June 2016, and our team was thrilled to be part of the fun. Los Miniones won awards for Juror's Favorite, Structural Ingenuity, and Best Use of Labels. Thanks to AIA Santa Fe for hosting this great event.