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Architecture and Design Externship in 5 Days

Graduate student Janet Park and UNM undergrad Lyric Fuentes joined D/P/S for a 5-day externship to experience a week working in the architecture and design industry.

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3D Viz, Ballpoint Sketches, and Digital Art

Intern architect Megan Padilla does what she loves.

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Margaret Cornelius Earns Healthcare Interior Design Credential

Margaret Cornelius is a board certified healthcare interior designer after passing the American Academy of Healthcare Interior Designers Exam & earning the prestigious AAHID Certificate. The AAHID credential signifies competence in a variety of aspects that affect the healthcare interior environment.

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Multigenerational Living: A Personal Experience

At the annual conference of the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) Robert Habiger presented at an all-day intensive study of residential environments that explored Multi-generational Inhabitation and Aging-in-Place housing.

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Steven J. Perich is a 2015 Top CEO

Albuquerque Business First recognized the 20 Top CEO honorees. D/P/S's very own Steven J. Perich won Top CEO in the Business Services category.

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Matthew McKim wins AGC Best People Award

The 2015 AGC Best People Awards recognize professional achievements that better the construction industry as a whole.

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Dekker/Perich/Sabatini Grows Leadership

Design firm introduces three new principles.

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The Intern Effect

"A lot happens your senior year in high school," says Katie Desmarais, a high school student and D/P/S intern. "By this point, you're pretty much expected to be an adult... And the biggest question comes to mind – how do you really know what you want to be when you grow up?" Read how Katie's internship has helped her answer some big questions.

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How I Remember Michael Graves

Why write about Michael Graves? I never met him in person, or attended one of his lectures, but still this was one architect who I consider may have influenced me the most in terms of my own journey into design, but then again maybe it was just the simple truth that we both lived and worked in the small town of Princeton, New Jersey.

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Dekker Vision

Reporter Damon Scott, from Albuquerque Business First, sat down with Dale Dekker to write a cover story about the man behind D/P/S and numerous community initiatives.

Author: Albuquerque Business First
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