CareNet Amarillo Office Renovation

Banquet for CareNet. Picture: Barry, Leslie, Garrett, Cheri, Dan, Jess, and Wendy.

CareNet Amarillo purchased a building in downtown Amarillo, and D/P/S helped them renovate the existing two-story building to combine two of their offices into this one location. The renovation included a full interior remodel and small addition, which were completed in 2016.

From their new downtown location, CareNet mentors kids, teens, young men, young women, and adults through a variety of classes focused on respect for self and others. Additional classes focus on child safety, post-birth and parenting, and much more. Services also include mentoring for young women in crisis pregnancies, helping with sonograms, emotional support, and obtaining proper baby items.

CareNet’s new building serves a variety of functions and is a wonderful addition to downtown Amarillo. We are excited to have been a part of this project!