Artesia Public Schools


Project Update 08.11.17

Dekker/Perich/Sabatini is excited to be working on the following projects with Artesia Public Schools. Please check back for updates.

Artesia High School

This project includes the addition of a security vestibule, renovation of main office and counselor suite, as well as  HVAC and lighting upgrades. This project was completed in Summer 2016.

Zia and Roselawn Full Reroof Projects

Both projects were awarded to J3 Systems.

Both Roselawn and Zia reroofs were completed in Winter 2015.

Security Vestibules for Central, Hermosa, Yeso, and Yucca Elementary Schools

Security Vestibule upgrades - CES projects. Wade Construction completed Central, Hermosa, Yeso, and Yucca Elementary Schools. All four were CES projects.

Conference Report - 08.28.2014

High School Auditorium

The Auditorium was completed in Winter 2015.

The High School Auditorium received a new name: “Estelle H. Yates Auditorium”. Waide Construction was awarded the project and spruced up the entry wall, installed new signage, and upgraded the lighting. Low maintenance xeriscaping was also added.

The Auditorium Mosaic is encapsulated to prevent leaks on the Auditorium stage.


Bulldog Pit

The Bulldog Pit included mostly HVAC upgrades and replacements. Construction for the Artesia High School Bulldog Pit was completed in September 2015 by B&D Industries Inc.

Artesia High School Campus Masterplan and Capacity Study

There is an ongoing study assessing the current capacity of each school in the District. We will be analyzing current growth and possible utilization. Recommendations for where the District might need to expand will be provided after full assessment. The overall campus masterplan will be in conjunction with the capacity study recommendations for overall cohesive development and locations for potential growth for the entire district.

Conference Reports

Steering Committee - 10.14.2014
Committee Meeting - 10.01.2014
Kick-off Meeting - 08.20.2014


School Board - 10.27.2014
Steering Committee - 10.14.2014
Kick-off Presentation - 09.18.2014

New District Administration Building

The new District Administration Building was completed in July 2017. View the final photos and description of the project.



Benjamin Gardner: Principal-in-Charge
Jennifer Facio: Project Manager
Dominic Duran: Construction Administration
Scott Hicks: PE, Smith Engineering
Abbas Stirian: MEP, Bridgers and Paxton
Lawrence Adkins: MEP, Bridgers and Paxton
Ilir Mesiti: MEP, Bridgers and Paxton