CANstruction 2018: RockCAN' Under the Sea

CANstruction 2018 Build Day

In our third year of CANstruction Santa Fe, we're bringing a rock ‘n’ roll-themed design to life and helping raise donations for canned food that benefits The Food Depot.

"RockCAN Under the Sea" depicts SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star showing off their musical talents. The sculpture took 2,665 cans, 17 team members, and about 7 hours to build. It won the People's Choice award and Best Use of Labels. The display will be viewable at the Santa Fe Place Mall through June 17.

Canned food used in the sculpture includes tuna, tomato juice, hominy, tomatoes, sliced carrots, tomato sauce, green chile enchilada sauce, corn, pumpkin, roasted turkey, anchovies, salmon, green chile, and mushroom gravy mix.

After disassembly, the canned food will be donated to The Food Depot and distributed to families in need. In total, all five CANstruction teams will be donating approximately 20,000 cans of food.

RockCAN Under the Sea

RockCAN Under the Sea

Spongebob and Patrick are headlining the Summerfest Concert at the Bubble Bowl!

They’re ready to blow their Bikini Bottom friends out of the water with top hits, like “There’s A New Fish In Town” and “Hit Me With Your Best Sauce” and “Goodbye, Krabby Patty”.

Spongebob Squarepants rocks his electric guitar made of turkey spam and anchovy cans, while Patrick Star taps a hot beat on drums made of canned whole green chilies.

Playing atop their newest gold record, the duo is ready for… a 1, a 2, a skiddly diddly doo.

So put your hands together for the Bikini Bottom Super Band!

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Spongebob! Squarepants!
Playing the guitar with Patrick Star is he?
Spongebob! Squarepants!
Whose anchovies and tuna make a sweet dish?
Spongebob! Squarepants!
So put on a record and get RockCAN with fish!
Spongebob! Squarepants!
Spongebob! Squarepants!
Spongebob! Squarepants!
Spongebob! Squarepants!

A huge THANK YOU to our Sponsors and Build Partners for helping us raise 2,665 cans for The Food Depot.


Canstruction 2018, RockCAN Under the Sea Sponsors

Build Partners

Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, Jaynes, Century Sign Builders