Amarillo High School Career Fair

Amarillo High School Career Fair

Intern architect Wendy Weatherly talks to students Kiersten and Taylor about the architecture and design industry.

Wendy Weatherly represented Dekker/Perich/Sabatini and the Amarillo Chapter of the American Institute of Architects at the Amarillo High School Career Fair on January 25, 2016.

Students asked about career opportunities available in the field of design. To help them better understand design professions, Wendy presented a set of construction documents to illustrate the level of detail required and the collaboration between design professionals, including architects, landscape architects, interior designers, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, and others working on a project.

Many students asked about requirements to become a licensed professional, including required education, experience, and examinations.

Students who had taken architecture classes were already familiar with many aspects of design. Architecture courses at Amarillo High School, taught by Dillon Sexton, help students progress through three different  levels so students can advance and build upon their knowledge each year. In these classes, students are introduced to a building information modeling (BIM) program called Revit, which is used by architects to communicate design and create construction documents. During the career fair, students showed off their great craftsmanship in Revit and model building.

At Amarillo High School, students can choose a career path so when they graduate they will have an endorsement in a particular area. This is in accordance Texas's House Bill 5, which encourages high school students to more thoroughly explore a particular area of study so they are more prepared to enter higher education and decide on a career path. Amarillo High School endorsement options include Business and Industry, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), Arts and Humanities, Public Service, and Multidisciplinary Studies. Architecture courses fall under the Business and Industry endorsement.