A New Lobby for Roadrunner Food Bank

May 24, 2021

In 2021, our team volunteered time alongside Bradbury Stamm Construction to design and build a more flexible and efficient lobby space for Roadrunner Food Bank of New Mexico. The process was a pleasure and an education for our team at D/P/S.

We learned so much about the extent to which this powerful nonprofit goes to solve food inequity in New Mexico. From sending box trucks all over the state, to partnering with local farms to get fresh produce - every week, RRFB reaches 70,000 hungry children, seniors, and families in our state.

RRFB's lobby is large and it wears many hats. In the past, it was used for events, fundraisers, and volunteer training. In addition to those necessary functions, RRFB wanted a lobby that serves as an engaging and educational space for donors as they drop off food. They wanted folks to have an opportunity to meander through signage and vignettes that would inform them of the hunger issue in New Mexico and the work they do to address it.

D/P/S worked with RRFB to brainstorm several ideas that would build upon each other over time. In this process, it became clear that they desired a flexible lobby space that could change to support whatever role it needed to play moving forward into the future.

The final design includes kiosks on casters, made of pallets from RRFB's own warehouse. The kiosks serve as backdrops for digital and physical informational signage and can be arranged to either create a path for guests to wander down, section off space to provide privacy for volunteer training, or be pushed to the walls for large events. RRFB will be working on content for the kiosks over the course of this year.

We also opened up a hallway that hid access to the restrooms and stairs, and designed a large, fixed reception desk that can function as a serving counter for catered events.

Lastly, we called for the acoustic ceilings to be removed so that the structure could be exposed and we floated ceiling clouds made of more pallets with acoustic panels resting inside.

It was our honor to support Roadrunner Food Bank, a leader in solving hunger, to bring the best possible services to the hungry in our state.