Santa Fe Readiness Center Santa Fe Readiness Center Santa Fe Readiness Center Santa Fe Readiness Center Santa Fe Readiness Center

Santa Fe AASF Readiness Center

Department of Military Affairs | Santa Fe, NM

The New Mexico Department of Military Affairs decided to transform an aging building, originally constructed in 1978 as an Aviation Air Support Facility, into a new Readiness Center for the Army National Guard (ARNG). An initial challenge arose in fitting the Readiness Center in just 28,130sf, as no addition to the building was authorized or budgeted. D/P/S worked closely with its consultant Jacobs, the Department of Military Affairs, the National Guard Bureau (NGB), and resident ARNG units to successfully narrow the program without jeopardizing functionality or mission. Ultimately, this $5.5M project involved a complete renovation - demolishing all but the basic building structure.

The facility received a new roof, exterior wall openings and finishes, interior walls, floor finishes, ceilings, and lighting. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, telecommunication, and security systems were all replaced as well.

Improved energy performance was a top goal for the project. The renovation achieved LEED Silver Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Potable water use for irrigation was minimized by designing a native meadow landscape comprised of high desert shrubs, grasses, and wildflowers and water-harvesting pond areas that received storm water from the roof. Water use was further diminished by the installation of low-flow plumbing fixtures throughout the facility. Many other design features contribute to the facility's sustainability:

  • uses less energy than the energy use baseline by 20%
  • tubular skylights bring in daylighting
  • solar wall generates energy
  • maintained and reused 95% of the existing structure
  • recycled over 90% of construction demolitions debris
  • used regional products and recycled materials

The facility was designed per the Anti-Terrorism/Force-Protection (AT/FP) standards of UFC 4-010-01 “DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings." This included ensuring adequate standoff distances from parking areas, compliant landscaping and site furnishings, and installing doors and windows that meet blast-resistance requirements.


28,130sf renovation

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LEED Silver, U.S. Green Building Council

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