Friendship Village of Tempe

Friendship Village of Tempe | Tempe, AZ

Friendship Village of Tempe is a life plan community located in Tempe just minutes from the bustling Arizona State University campus. With 50 acres and over 900 residents, they are celebrating 40 years of serving seniors in 2020.

The renovation of approximately 14,000sf included the memory care facility, main lobby, front desk, Healthcare Center lobby, Village Pantry and the patio at the Del Fuego Sports Bar.

The Memory Care at Friendship Village was in need of an interior refresh in the public areas to improve the health and wellness of the residents, staff, and visitors. The existing spaces were dated, worn, and no longer functional.

Several walls were removed to create larger, more open spaces. New finishes, furniture, artwork, lighting, and accessories were installed in brighter colors. The resident neighborhoods were colored and themed to create better wayfinding.

Themed activity rooms engage the residents and offer opportunities for interaction with families and staff. New innovative technology was installed to provide hands on activities for the residents and their families.

The lobby at Friendship Village is the heart of the campus and the main entrance for visitors. It also serves as the central location for gatherings and events of family and friends. Because it is the first impression for the community, it needed a refresh to improve functionality and attract potential new residents. The original front desk presented a design challenge as it was hard to see from the main entrance. The design team moved a wall back and opened up the desk area to allow for a better view. A back-lit panel, feature wall, and new artwork created a more welcoming impression for visitors and residents alike.

The existing flagstone wall and fireplace are reflected throughout the campus and are emphasized within the new scheme. The carpet pattern was selected to compliment the flagstone. It represents the canyons and rivers in Arizona. The color scheme is representative of colors found in nature. The residents wanted the lobby, their main living room, to be warm and inviting.

The current residents played an important role in the selection of new finishes. Multiple committee meetings revealed that residents and staff desired vibrant color, comfortable furniture, better lighting, and local artwork and images that reflect the surrounding Arizona desert.

New custom artwork by local artists was selected to coordinate with the scheme. New lamps and accessories add a warm, inviting feel. Furniture groupings offer a variety of seating and create new “hubs” for the residents to enjoy the piano, fireplace, existing fountains, and other activity areas.

The Village Pantry was updated to provide additional, functional shelving and better lighting. We added new signage and graphics with the new name, Village Pantry, selected by the residents.

The Del Fuego Sports Bar had a patio that was not easily accessible from inside the bar. Large folding doors were added in place of windows allowing full access and views. New seating, tables, umbrellas, portable heaters and lighting were added. This is now a hot spot for happy hour on campus.

The themes of this refresh are representative of nature and the surrounding Arizona desert and will be timeless for years to come.


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