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URENCO Campus Commons

URENCO is a global company that uses state-of-the-art centrifuge technology to enrich uranium for the purpose of generating electricity. The company's mission is to provide a safe and sustainable energy alternative to fossil fuels that are harming our environment. After four years of site construction focused on making the production line operation, URENCO opened their Eunice plant in June 2010. To retain and recruit talent with the required technology background, URENCO decided to add an amenities-based building, the Campus Commons. The addition helps improve the work environment by enhancing communication and social activity.

The Campus Commons, situated adjacent to the existing security building, is the new front door to the campus. To maximize views, the building is organized around a traditional New Mexican courtyard with surrounding porticos and native trees to provide shade and protection from the sun and wind, making the outdoor space useable most of the year. A monumental stair brings the visitor past the welcoming center and lobby and into the courtyard.

This configuration around the courtyard allows for thin floor plates. A benefit of thin floor plates is that it increases daylight penetration and offers more visual connections to the outdoors. It also takes advantage of the optimal north and south solar orientations, helping control the available daylight.

The building expresses the uniqueness of New Mexico and the high technology behind URENCO's enrichment process.


Eunice, NM

25,001-50,000 sf


Beyond the Building

  • Building Performance
  • Community Benefit
  • Creating Partnerships
  • Experience Redefined
  • Mission Support
  • Organizational Culture
  • Technology Modernization
  • Wellness


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