Not for books alone

UNR Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center

"The Knowledge Center will encompass all facets of the digital age in a single, synergistic complex."
Steve Zink, Dean of University Libraries

This new academic facility goes far beyond the traditional campus library by combining library functions with technology classrooms, videoconferencing facilities, and specialized computer labs. UNR embraces the idea of the library as a comfortable space, so the use of lounge areas, public meeting rooms, and a cafe support a casual atmosphere. Additionally, the perimeter of each floor provides reading and study space with views to the campus.

The Knowledge Center provides an iconic landmark at the prominent entry to the mid-campus area and links the older south campus to the rapidly growing north campus. The exterior of the Knowledge Center responds to the traditional brick construction on campus. Modern materials and details are appropriate to the building's era and scale.

DPS served as the lead design firm on the project and collaborated with Hershenow+Klippenstein (architect of record) throughout all phases. DPS also prepared a full furniture specification package.

The furniture is in calm and muted colors with mostly textural solid upholsteries and traditional patterns. The main color, "UNR Blue," is used throughout the facility.

The furnishings change dramatically in the @One multi-media center to support the character of the space. This dynamic center provides students with the opportunity to create integrated presentations with audio, video, and state-of-the-art printing capabilities. A 170-seat auditorium, which doubles as a lecture space, includes dual screen projection capabilities and full stereo sound. This type of multi-media experience is essential as libraries evolve to prepare students for the 21st century professional work environment.

University of Nevada, Reno

Reno, Nevada

Over 100,000 sf


Beyond the Building

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