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UNR Center For Molecular Medicine

Recognizing the need for improved health outcomes across the state, the University of Nevada's School of Medicine in Reno created this translational facility. Serving a variety of research departments, the Center for Molecular Medicine encompasses wet labs, a rodent vivarium research facility, a BSL3 select agent lab, educational and instructional spaces, and medical office suites. Labs and back-of-house spaces are finished with materials like epoxy, specialty sheet flooring, and stainless steel for functionality and durability. Public spaces include contemporary furnishings, stone, wood ceilings, and accent tiles to create a welcoming environment.

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The facility is comprised of two major wings: a three-story biological research laboratory and a three-story medical office. To ensure connectivity, a central node joins the wings and unites the building with the rest of the campus. Pedestrian bridges with break-out spaces that vertically connect the buildings also facilitate ease of access and collaboration between researchers.

The Center for Molecular Medicine is designed as an entrance to the north end of the UNR campus. Its large public lobby creates a new 'front door' for the medical school, and the exterior cladding reinforces and reinterprets campus context. The existing campus brick is incorporated into a skin with lighter glass volumes that express and expose interior functions. Exterior metal panels further reinforce the contemporary nature of the Center and the cutting edge research taking place within it.

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