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Practice makes professionals

TTUHSC Panhandle Clinical Simulation Center

Conceived as a shared medical simulation facility for TTU HSC, Amarillo College, and West Texas A&M, the Panhandle Clinical Simulation Center provides multidisciplinary assessment spaces at the TTU Health Sciences Center campus in Amarillo. The facility serves students of nursing, medicine, allied health, and other medical specialties and provides continuing education for practicing professionals. It is connected through distance-learning technology to TTU's main campus in Lubbock and to other branches.

The facility's innovative instructional environments and learning laboratories provide challenging, realistic learning opportunities that prepare students for actual patient care situations. The center's immersive simulation environments take on several different forms:

  • Patient exam rooms with simulated patients – people trained to present various symptoms for students to diagnose
  • Simulated patient care suites with electromechanical mannequins – controlled by an instructor in a monitoring room – for students to diagnose and treat
  • Surgery and prep simulation areas
  • Pharmacy simulation for experience in compounding, dispensing, and interacting with patients and other healthcare provider
  • A resource center for students to practice clinical skills and have interdisciplinary interaction

All spaces have video recording capabilities so students can review interactions and learn from each simulation.

In addition to the simulation labs, the center has a sub-dividable large classroom, faculty offices, and a student gathering area. The Panhandle Clinical Simulation Center is the first building to be built on newly donated land that expands the TTU HSC Amarillo campus to the north. It is prominently located on a main drive into the site.

Texas Tech University Health Science Center

Amarillo, TX

10,001-25,000 sf


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