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Garrett Thornburg, the founder of Thornburg Companies, a home grown corporation located in Santa Fe, NM, had high aspirations for his corporate headquarters. The facility is designed to house state-of-the-art office space, food service, and a conference center while responding to the strict Santa Fe style imposed by the surrounding development. Designed by Legoretta + Legoretta and DPS, one of the project goals was to take advantage of the New Mexico climate. The building maximizes views and provides access to exterior courtyards and balconies. Large glazed, carefully fenestrated, portions of the facade provide natural daylighting.

The scale of the facility was carefully considered because it is located adjacent to residential areas. A series of contiguous, smaller footprint structures are organized around a central exterior plaza and are connected by narrow, glazed breezeways and shared common space. Close to the campus buildings, the landscaping is a more dense and formal pattern of native and adapted plants. Perimeter landscaping is designed with species, patterning, and density that blur the boundary of the constructed and natural landscapes. Rainwater harvesting irrigates the drought tolerant landscaping, and a porous paving system allows storm water to percolate and replenish the water table.

DPS worked with Legoretta + Legoretta to develop the interior finishes and the entire furnishings package. The majority of the offices are constructed with movable, full height furniture walls on a raised floor. The systems' furniture workstations are developed to echo the established design details.

Thornburg Companies

Santa Fe, NM

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