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The Presbyterian Rev. Hugh A. Cooper Administrative Center

Known as "The Coop", the facility is home to over 2,100 Presbyterian Healthcare Services (PHS) employees. Completed mid-2014, the PHS Cooper Center is a 320,000sf headquarters office building incorporating the latest effective strategies for workforce productivity, recruitment and retention, and long term operational efficiency for PHS leadership, the health plan, and clinical support staff. Phase I included the renovation of an existing 133,000sf building with deep floor plates. Added skylights and light wells bring daylight into the center of the facility. The renovation was completed in 8 months including design and construction in order to house the expanding IT Department and customer support groups, a total of over 900 employees. The existing building houses substantial IT infrastructure, a 200 seat cafeteria, and a 4,000sf fitness center.

Phase II was a 192,000sf, three-story addition. The addition includes new public and staff entrances, open and private workspace, and support space, a 15,000sf training center, and a 300 seat auditorium. The office wings are narrower than the existing building and oriented to minimize heat gain while maximizing views and natural light to the primarily open office environment. Other sustainable strategies were incorporated through a collaborative, integrated approach by the design team including selection and specification of rapidly renewable and recycled materials.

The project development required visioning with PHS management, facility programming involving interviews of over 30 departments resulting in current and future space needs. The Dekker team prepared multiple options for blocking and stacking the buildings to maximize density and provide optimum affinities between departments. Dekker created space standards, site analysis and phasing strategy, interior and shell building design and presentation, FF&E consultation and complete cost analysis. The campus houses 2,100 employees at an approximate density of 157sf/person.

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