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Senary by Allaso

The nature of the office park is changing. Where and how we work continues to shift, and the transformation from traditional office center to true mixed-use community spells opportunity for people, local business, and economic development. By adding housing into office parks, these established centers better serve everyone who lives, works, and visits the area.

Senary by Allaso is one of several residential developments catalyzing the evolution of Journal Center in Albuquerque, NM, which is already regarded as a great place to work. The project is a step in a larger effort to activate the area as a mixed-use environment that thrives during and after the 9 to 5 workday. Its location takes advantage of many longstanding local restaurants, proximity to major retail outlets, mature trees, and easy access to the rest of the city via I-25 and Paseo Del Norte Boulevard. The office park is also home to hotels, banking, medical offices, and even a charter school—rounding out a wide variety of amenities convenient for residents and professionals in the area.

Senary by Allaso at Journal Center represents the evolution of the traditional suburban office park into a 21st century mixed-use, live, work, shop and play urban center for Albuquerque.”

– Dale Dekker, Founding Principal / Brand Ambassador

Senary by Allaso makes its mark on Journal Center, in both function and form. The residential development includes more than 200 market-rate units across three, four-story buildings. It offers residents luxury finishes, a resort-style pool, elevator service, and rooftop terraces with Sandia Mountain views. Across the street, residents enjoy a walking path shaded by large cottonwood trees that change color vibrantly with the seasons. It's an exciting use case for developers interested in adding housing to office parks. It's also a great place to call home, in the shifting landscape of live, work, and community.

Senary by Allaso adds housing to office park Journal Center

Our team had the pleasure of hosting the Architectural/Engineering Drafting Students from Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) on an educational tour of the project's construction site. Students got a glimpse into the design to construction processes, and an opportunity to interact with HB Construction professionals in real time. We are honored to play a part in helping to educate the next generation of architecture professionals through real-world experiences.

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Article covering Senary by Allaso, which adds housing to office park Journal Center.

Albuquerque, NM

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Senary by Allaso apartment complex rendering