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San Juan College Student Housing

The introduction of on-campus housing opens San Juan College to a new pool of prospects, while accommodating remote area and international students. The three-story building brings 150 new beds, scenic views, and student support to the College.

The project addresses a long-time goal of San Juan College: bringing housing to the campus, giving admissions a competitive edge, and positively impacting student outcomes. On-campus housing has been shown to increase academic engagement, improve GPAs, and raise graduation rates. Enhanced peer interactions, diversity, and mentorship opportunities are also seen in conjunction with students living on campus.

New student housing fosters interaction between students while providing personal spaces for focus and privacy.

Residents are grouped into dorm units of varying sizes, with equal access to shared spaces like a large common room, kitchen, and TV/study spaces. The building’s L-shaped design shields the outdoor space from heat and winds, with exterior materials reflecting the colors and accents used throughout the campus. Located near the Health and Human Performance Center (HHPC), residents have easy access to fitness and recreation. Walkways to the north and south connect student housing with the larger campus.

SJC Student Housing TV Study Space

Our team collaborated with San Juan College to provide students and staff with a comfortable, stimulating environment. Landscaping leans on low maintenance and low water-use plants, irrigated trees, and native or well-adapted shrubs and ornamental grasses. A welcoming atmosphere is reinforced with strategic use of evergreen plants and shade trees. Special attention was given to sloping on the site, utilizing terraces separated by landscaping to mitigate steep parking spaces.

SJC Student Housing Courtyard

With the foundational dormitory, students are drawn to San Juan College and given key spaces to nurture their learning. Through close partnership with the College, attention to regional planning and building practices from the Native American community, and consideration of the realities of students' lives today, the design supports the College’s goal of academic enrichment.

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