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Rio Grande Bosque Access Improvements

The Bosque Access Improvements project consists of two separate implementations of the Rio Grande Vision, a concept and visioning document prepared by DPS that is a part of the City of Albuquerque's larger, long-term investment strategy called ABQ the Plan. Originally proposed by Mayor Richard Berry in 2010, ABQ the Plan seeks to bolster job creation and the local economy, while improving quality of life in the City of Albuquerque. DPS provided planning, design and construction phase services for both the accessible Atrisco Siphon Bridge that completes a 1.5 mile length of City-developed accessible trail in the Rio Grande Bosque, and a new accessible parking area at Tingley Beach Recreation Area that includes ramp and stair connections to the Paseo del Bosque trail and a nearby viewing deck located on the Rio Grande.

For the trail alignment and design, DPS solicited input from multiple local, regional and federal agencies who oversee work in the Bosque. The final trail alignment makes use of existing trail corridors in order to minimize disturbance, includes a new bridge that facilitates the creation of an accessible route, and eliminates many small spur trails in order to create larger contiguous natural areas in the Bosque that would be beneficial to wildlife. The 90' bridge spans an outfall at the Atrisco Siphon and provides an accessible connection between two segments of the Bosque trail. A hydrological study helped to determine the design of the bridge and structure. The bridge was designed with deep piers to withstand flooding, and the bridge was constructed in two sections and assembled on site in order to minimize disturbance during construction. The 10' wide bridge provides excellent views of the Rio Grande and the wood surface is designed for foot, bike and equestrian traffic. Revegetation was integral to the project. DPS developed a custom, elevation-specific plant palette and seed mix for use in disturbed areas.

The design and construction of access improvements at Tingley Beach was complicated by the presence of a fifty year old flood control levee and a narrow gauge tourist train track. Excavation of the levee structure was not permitted, so stair and ramp connections to the nearby Paseo del Bosque trail and the Rio Grande viewing deck had to be designed to rest on top of the levee. Improvements include an accessible path using boulders to retain grade, timber stairs, timber fill at the railroad crossing, and heavy core-drilled boulders to hold directional signs. Two accessible parking spaces are located off the levee at the toe of the outside slope. The concrete parking spaces and accessible concrete sidewalks connect directly to the new stairs and ramp.

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