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Rail Spur Trail Feasibility Study

The Rail Spur Trail Feasibility Study examines the potential to locate a multi-use trail along an active railway spur that connects downtown Albuquerque to the Wells Park/ Sawmill neighborhoods. The potential connection to the existing trail network in Albuquerque and its proximity to major tourist destinations creates not only a local base but also draws tourists to the area, which is seeing increased commercial retail development.

This feasibility study assesses existing conditions, highlights precedent rail-trail examples, evaluates alignment options and design concepts, and reviews key implementation strategies. It also investigates the long-term economic benefits of a new trail for business and property owners of the area.

The Feasibility Study explores the potential to increase nonmotorized transportation options in a traditionally underserved neighborhood that can serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of the area, bolstering established and new businesses by connecting downtown to major attractions like Old Town and Sawmill Market.

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