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Innovation for better healing and wellbeing

Presbyterian Hospital Patient Tower Addition

A new patient tower for Presbyterian Hospital maximizes space and wellness in downtown. The building serves patients and staff with increased daylighting and views, safety features, and modernized spaces. The project increases bed capacity without major footprint expansion, bringing more than 140 new beds to one of Albuquerque’s leading healthcare providers. A critical concern for the project was ensuring the tower’s construction not disrupt hospital operations. The Dekker design team are premier leaders in healthcare design throughout New Mexico and the southwest.

Built during the COVID-19 pandemic, our design ensures a safer workplace for staff. With features like enhanced negative air pressure, entire floors of the tower can be safely isolated from the rest of the campus.

Quality of life improvements for staff and caretakers are featured throughout: an expanded and fully modernized lab, office space, a healthplex gym, and an upgraded physician’s lounge adjacent to a private garden.

The project utilizes evidence-based design principles to increase functional efficiency and incorporate the latest, proven techniques to foster healing.

The hospital’s entry lobby is refreshed with the construction of the tower. Patients, visitors, and staff are welcomed with clearer wayfinding and more natural light. A new parking structure accommodates the increased capacity at the campus while an integral bridge ties new and existing towers together, giving healthcare providers quick access to additional inpatient beds.

Patient floors feature evidence-based design principles that promote well-being. Patients and visitors are eased with acoustical privacy and friendly, but easily maintained, finishes. Public amenities include a courtyard accessible directly off the lobby and an internal rooftop terrace.

Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Albuquerque, NM

Over 100,000 sf


Beyond the Building

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