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Paako Ridge Golf Club House Remodel

As a center of social congregation for the patrons of the golf course and surrounding neighborhood, the Clubhouse at Paako Ridge Golf Club offers a much-needed venue of entertainment and dining within a majestic landscape.

The clubhouse was originally designed and constructed at the turn of the millennium. For nearly 20 years it served simultaneous functions as a cafe and pro shop for golfers. With new ownership of the golf course came the desire to update the form and function of the clubhouse for a new vision of the future.

The main goal of the project was to create a new food and beverage venue that could serve both the golf course and the community at large. The clubhouse now serves multiple restaurant and event functions, providing a dining option for the Paa-Ko Ridge community, support to the golf course staff and future on-site lodging guests, and a rentable venue for weddings and events.

Aesthetic goals included maintaining the iconic pueblo revival inspired architecture of the original clubhouse, utilizing as much of the original building shell as possible, and updating the interior to create a "live out" feeling. This "live out" ideal was meant to create an interior that felt connected and a part of the outside.

The redesigned Clubhouse provides a point of social connection needed by the community now more than ever.


Albuquerque, NM

Under 10,000 sf


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