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NMSU H&J Undergraduate Learning Center

This project involves two outdated buildings on the NMSU campus, one of which will be demolished, the other to be heavily renovated. In bringing the remaining structure up to current educational standards, the vision is to provide state-of-the-art classrooms, study spaces, and laboratories that enhance the undergraduate learning experience. The goal is to increase student recruitment and retention by providing positive learning experiences during the formative time of a student's academic career. To meet this vision, it is important to consider how students learn both inside and outside the classroom.

Working with the building committee, our team first analyzed campus-wide classroom needs to understand section size, courses offered, class schedules, and the current classroom inventory. This study revealed a surplus of classrooms, but most importantly, a lack of modern classrooms that could meet the demands for space to implement and test new teaching pedagogies. As a result, the new classrooms are designed to provide flexibility and accommodate multiple teaching styles. Most of the classrooms are designed as active learning classrooms, technology-rich, and configured with flat floors and moveable furniture to provide the opportunity for students to work in groups. The new classrooms, despite having fewer seats, will result in higher campus-wide utilization through more effective, central scheduling of the spaces.

The final design incorporates new and renovated classrooms, the Student Success Center, Information and Communication Technologies, and generous gathering and study spaces. The design also provides protected outdoor study spaces, making full use of the mild climate in Las Cruces. With its location in the central part of the campus, the Hardman & Jacobs Undergraduate Learning Center will provide a welcome home and comfortable learning environment for all new NMSU students.

New Mexico State University

Las Cruces, NM

25,001-50,000 sf


Beyond the Building

  • Building Performance
  • Community Benefit
  • Creating Partnerships
  • Experience Redefined
  • Mission Support
  • Organizational Culture
  • Rightsizing
  • Sustainability
  • Technology Modernization


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