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In 2011, Dekker was contracted to provide a Needs Assessment and Conceptual Design for the Farmington Municipal Office Complex (MOC) project. The project scope involved the development of a solution to accommodate the growth of the Farmington Electric Utility System. Dekker met with former Electric Utility Director Maude Grantham-Richards and her staff on numerous occasions, interviewing them about their work flow, expected growth, relationships between key departments, and forecasted growth over the next few years. Dekker also toured and extensively photographed and measured the existing building. The site was also analyzed to explore the need for outdoor covered storage for large truck overnight parking. From these scoping efforts, a program and conceptual design document was prepared summarizing the needs of the Farmington Electric Utility System.


Dekker developed conceptual floor plans and building elevations illustrating a combination of building expansion and renovation. Some limited building demolition was identified to free up the orderly expansion of the MOC to the west. In some cases departments were moved to a new location, which allowed other departments to grow more or less in place.

Following review and approval by the Farmington Electric Utility System, Dekker lent support to City staff in presenting to the Farmington City Council and obtaining project approval. The finished project consists of approximately 9,500sf of new construction and approximately 7,500sf of renovated space within the existing Municipal Operations Center, as well as an outdoor equipment and vehicle yard.

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10,001-25,000 sf


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