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Multinational Financial Services Company

This office restack of four separate buildings on a corporate campus included restack and realignment of departments in open seating areas as well as upgrades and updates to all support spaces, conference rooms, training spaces, break rooms, restrooms, and building lobbies. Updates to mission critical IT and mechanical infrastructure upgrades were also included.

Dekker delivered the project with a fast-track approach. Programming for the entire campus was completed concurrently with design of building infrastructure upgrades and final design and construction documents completed immediately afterward. Programming efforts included exploring utilization rates, requests for spaces, and programming work spaces that encourage collaboration and a team environment. The complex phased renovation was executed in an occupied building requiring constant communication with the owner's team and the CMAR, McCarthy Building Companies.

The team used an innovative approach to document the interior construction through point cloud mapping technology. The CMAR provided estimate updates through the design process, keeping the project within budget. The owner presented the project approach as a Best Practice to the International Facilities Managers Association (IFMA). Through close and constant communication, the owner, design team, and the CMAR kept the project on schedule and within budget.

Arizona Redevelopment

Scottsdale, AZ

Over 100,000 sf


Beyond the Building

  • Creating Partnerships
  • Experience Redefined
  • Mission Support
  • Organizational Culture
  • Rightsizing
  • Technology Modernization
  • Wellness


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