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A medical examiner's office for many years to come

Lubbock County Medical Examiners’ Office

Beginning in 2022, we teamed with Crime Lab Design to design a new Medical Examiners' Office (MEO) for Lubbock County. The project is defined by the positive impact it will make on the local community for generations, and better workplace wellbeing for staff. The MEO will house administrative space, autopsy rooms, technical support spaces, and a morgue. Ensuring the new space, which is projected to complete in 2026, meets County needs well into the future is a priority for the entire team.

Creating a brand new facility is an exciting opportunity to dream big about how a space can serve the needs of those who use it every day. Early in the design process, we felt it would be helpful for staff of the existing MEO to tour a facility comparable to the desired end goal. The tour proved highly beneficial; in addition to generating excitement for the new facility, it provided firsthand examples of how operational improvements would be a benefit to staff and the County.

Insights gathered from the tour, plus a highly collaborative pre-design effort with users of the current MEO helped to inform the workflow, critical operations, and projected future needs. Medical Examiners' offices, like many facilities in the public safety sector, must meet important technical and security criteria for accreditation. While ensuring these needs are met, the design team envisioned a space that maximizes quality of life for staff who work so hard to serve their community.

The 32,000sf design will result in a new office for MEO staff, which goes above and beyond the current aging facility. Through problem-focused and human centered design, evidence based strategies for workplace wellness, and collaboration with Crime Lab Design and Lee Lewis Construction, we will bring greater efficiency and public trust to Lubbock County’s MEO.

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