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Ken Chappy Hall Renovation

CNM's Ken Chappy Hall involved renovating a portion of an existing classroom building to include faculty office space. The newly renovated space accommodates both full-time and part-time staff while also serving as the main entry to the building. The space fosters a collaborative working and learning environment in which faculty and students can freely interact.

Before determining the design, the design team went through an extensive information-gathering process, which included surveys of full-time and part-time faculty, Dean-guided tours of faculty work spaces at three campuses, and extensive meetings with Deans and faculty to be housed in Ken Chappy.

From this information gathering, DPS identified three overriding concepts for the design of the Ken Chappy faculty space: clear and secure circulation, varied spaces for multiple work modes, and natural light. Renovations included enclosing the entry corridor to create a lobby that serves as the nexus for the space, connecting us from the outside environment and into the two wings of the renovated space. The north wing provides private, focused faculty work space. The majority of faculty support spaces and collaborative zones are housed in the wing south of the lobby. The south wing is also an area for faculty to have lunch, grab coffee, get away from their desks, converse with colleagues, and meet with students. Varied meeting spaces, such as open lounge areas and private meeting rooms, range in size, integrate technology, and provide opportunities for several types of interaction.

Meeting rooms are kept to the exterior walls to allow a continuous circulation path throughout the facility. After most interior walls were removed and new full height windows and skylights added, natural light now permeates every corner of the space. In order to preserve this amenity for every faculty member, workstations in the center of the open office area have lower panel heights. Recognizing the occasional need for a more private work space, we provided two focus rooms for faculty to use on an as-needed basis.

Exterior improvements included adding insulation for thermal performance, cutting new windows, enclosing the breezeway, and creating a new entry. The resulting design provides a comfortable, inviting, and exciting place for faculty to get their work done.

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