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Grants High School Performing Arts Center

The new Auditorium is an addition to the existing high school performing arts center and provides a performance venue for band, orchestra, choir, and other performing arts. The venue primarily serves the needs of Grants High School, but has been designed with flexibility in mind to serve the broader needs of the entire community. Consequently, the high school's performing arts center is a magnet facility for the community and allows the school to be the center of the Grants cultural scene.

The addition blends seamlessly with the existing high school and creates a focal point upon campus arrival, and a comprehensive landscaping scheme provides a sense of completeness to the entire campus.

Within the performing arts center, a two-story lobby space is overlooked by mezzanine balcony seating. Above-ceiling catwalks, a state-of-the-art video and sound recording system, and a generously sized control room enhance functionality. The control room can also double as a classroom to allow teaching lessons about theater control systems.

Strict attention was given to acoustical performance, reverb times, and vibration analysis of HVAC systems. Other specific design and technical considerations for the project included careful study of seating and sightlines, high performance lighting, and orientation of the building to further define the campus geometry and highlight views of Mt. Taylor. Site enhancements include improved bus access, a new parking lot to support the capacity of the performing arts center, additional site lighting, and new paving.

"On behalf of my students, thank you for such an incredible design. Last night was only scratching the surface. I am excited to see what these kids do with their new space."
Bill Griner, Director of Bands, Grants High School

Grants-Cibola County Schools

Grants, NM

10,001-25,000 sf


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