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Global Petroleum Company Office Building

A new, ground up office building places a priority on health and wellbeing, supporting more than 600 refinery employees with an improved work environment in the Texas Panhandle. North of Amarillo, the refinery and office space serves company-owned and common carrier pipeline customers in West Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and beyond.

Phillips 66 Borger Refinery Services Building

The project replaces an ineffective, 1920s-era facility with a modern, comfortable workplace within a strict budget. 30-foot deep floor plates cluster enclosed spaces in the core, while perimeter glazing provides abundant natural light and views of the adjacent refinery functions. Safety and security were also paramount in the design on the active refinery site. The building itself serves as a delineation between non-secure and secured areas of the plant.

Pipeline-inspired sun shades shield open office areas from harsh afternoon sun, significantly reducing the building's cooling needs. Temperature control is optimized with underfloor delivery of conditioned air. The building’s orientation takes advantage of views of the plant and creates a sense of place for arriving visitors. Exterior brick and limestone cladding blend seamlessly with adjacent structures and harmonize with the local landscape.

Inside, the design prioritizes features that maximizes the employee experience. A vibrant, light-filled breakroom encourages camaraderie and numerous collaboration spaces make it easy for team members to work together in multiple modes. Durable finishes, easily reconfigurable furniture that doesn't impede human connection in shared spaces, LED lighting, and high performing ceilings come together in this engaging, flexible workspace.

The new, 2-story office underlines the clients goals: corporate wellness culture, improving team satisfaction, recruitment, and retention with contemporary amenities for all.

Global Petroleum Company

Borger, Texas

50,001-75,000 sf


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