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Girard Boulevard Corridor Plan

The City of Albuquerque selected DPS to redesign a three mile stretch of Girard Boulevard, a north-south corridor that connects the University of New Mexico to multiple neighborhoods in the heart of the City. The purpose of the study was to make the corridor safer for all forms of travel and more attractive from an aesthetic and neighborhood perspective. DPS teamed with Carlos Hernandez to conduct an assessment of the corridor and propose improvements.

The central challenge for the team was to develop cost-effective, short term improvements that would work within the existing configuration of the street. The consultant team hosted a public meeting to review and discuss draft concepts. The public, in verbal and written comments, expressed strong support for improving the pedestrian and bicycle realm along the corridor.

The Girard Boulevard Corridor Plan document, the primary product of the project, proposes detailed recommendations for reconfiguration of the street, both short term and long term. The core recommendation is to create a continuous 1.7 mile bike lane from the north end south to Lead and Coal, two main east/west streets. The City is implementing the plan in the spring of 2017.

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