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Fidelity Office Building

Mesa del Sol's Fidelity Investments is a contact center and office building. The building houses back-office functions and accommodates 1,250 staff at full occupancy. It consists of two, two-story 110,000sf blocks with a shared lobby, a configuration that will allow the building to accommodate multiple tenants in the future. The two-story high lobby space features an open stair to encourage employee interaction. The lobby leads to an exercise room and cafeteria, as well as private offices and conference rooms. To provide abundant daylighting, the conference rooms are positioned at the center of the floor plate and open office cubicles are placed along the perimeter of the building.

Windows lining the west and south-facing facades are installed in three, seven, and ten-foot widths, creating a syncopated fenestration. The windows are recessed to provide shade from direct summer sun and are accented with bright colors to contrast with the predominant earth tones of the building. The windows and metal panel accents of the lobby create a significant corporate entry.

Fidelity achieved LEED Gold certification and uses 49% less water and 23% less energy than a typical office building. Parking areas incorporate pervious concrete, passive water harvesting swales, preferred parking spaces for alternative fuel vehicles or carpools, and bicycle racks. Many high recycled content and locally produced materials are incorporated into the building. The building uses an energy efficient chilled water system with cooling towers, as well as lighting sensors and ENERGY STAR appliances.

Mesa del Sol Fidelity Investments

Albuquerque, NM

Over 100,000 sf


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