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FatPipe ABQ is an incubator cowork space for technology businesses. Located in the Old Albuquerque High School Library in Downtown Albuquerque, FatPipe will eventually be adjacent to Innovate ABQ's idea factory and an integral part of Downtown development. DPS worked with R. Davis Companies and the FatPipe founders to complete minor renovations to both levels of the building and develop a package to competitively bid furniture. The goal was to create a casual work environment that attracts new talent to the Albuquerque technology community, accommodate business needs, and spark creative and innovative success.

The stakeholders wanted to achieve a challenging density level while still making the space feel open and inspiring. This is achieved by using small desk footprints in a variety of configurations. These make the space feel more dynamic while giving different levels of privacy options for potential renters. To further break up the workstations as well as provide opportunities for impromptu meetings, several lounge settings are included. The lounge areas are designed to be inviting spaces, but also come equipped with wireless internet, TV monitors, phones, and white boards – portable and fixed. Brightly colored upholstery and fun, modern accessories also differentiate the space from a traditional office setting, and help to provide FatPipe ABQ with its own identity.

Albuquerque, NM

Under 10,000 sf


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