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Paving the way to wellness

CNM Wellness Path

The CNM Wellness Path is a multi-modal network of new bike routes, a pedestrian trail, and wellness stations – where the campus community can chill, learn, connect to nature, workout, play music, and get inspired to improve their health and wellness.


The path project was a secondary component of a technology loop infrastructure project led by Bridgers & Paxton Engineers. DPS worked closely with Bridgers & Paxton and a CNM steering committee to evaluate colocation opportunities for the path and technology loop, and develop the wellness path and station concept – the foundation of which is based on four dimensions of wellness – emotional, physical, occupational, and intellectual.

The pedestrian trail runs around and through CNM's main campus for over one mile. Stations include interpretive signage, shade, sitting and study areas, and interactive music features and fitness equipment. The stations are strategically located along the path to encourage use, and interpretive content is designed to be relevant to the focus of nearby academic programs.

Bike and pedestrian improvements are designed to maximize connections to all areas of the central campus, public transit, and surrounding pedestrian and bike facilities.

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