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CNM Katharine Winograd Student Services Building

Offering more than 6,000 courses across 80 programs to 27,000+ students, Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) continues to be the largest in the state. With Main Campus in the heart of Albuquerque, 4 additional campuses, and multiple auxiliary locations, in-person and online learners rely on CNM for innovative programs, affordable degrees, certifications, and continuing education. The college represents opportunity for New Mexico, serving the state across demographics: first-generation college students, professionals seeking certifications or upskilling, full- and part-time learners, transfer and dual-credit seekers, and more.

The CNM Katharine Winograd Student Services Facility serves as the gateway to Main Campus; it is used by prospective students and their families, enrolled students, and community members.

CNM Interior Rendering
CNM Student Services Building Lobby

The project is an exciting opportunity to assist CNM in restructuring their Student Service model to ensure better student experience across all campuses. Our team first worked through an extensive visioning and planning process with CNM, determining the needs and elements of the new student service model. Then, we assessed CNM’s goals to discover how the new building could support the model with a human-centered, problem-focused approach. Flexibility throughout the year became a priority, resulting in a design which can serve the campus’ variable needs: peak enrollment windows, job fairs, career trainings, student actives, and community engagement. Another priority is inclusivity: the design will support an environment where CNM’s diverse communities can all find a place.

Megan Halubiak CNM Student Services Building Sound Bite

"Walking into the Student Services Building will make most prospective students' first impression of CNM. That reality drove the building design, inside and out. The concept of connections helped us work through achieving those goals and it drove everything, from how spaces are organized to create strong physical and visual connections between spaces and bring daylight deep into the building, to finish selection, static and digital displays, and way finding design."

Megan Holubiak,

Studio Leader/ Principal

Central New Mexico Community College

Albuquerque, New Mexico

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CNM student services building