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Broadmoor & Murray Elementary Schools

Two new prototype elementary schools are being designed concurrently to address Hobbs Municipal Schools' (HMS) concerns about district-wide overcrowding and aging schools. DPS worked with a single building committee to design both Broadmoor and Murray Elementary Schools using the same materials and systems and similar layouts. Each design is adapted for their two very different sites. As the first elementary schools built in Hobbs in more than 30 years, the schools are intended to set design precedents for future HMS schools.

Both schools have simple, linear floor plans that allow for easy supervision. To further promote safety, the schools have lockdown vestibules, access control systems, and other security features. Specialty classrooms are designed to match general classrooms and provide flexibility for future changes in curriculum or student population sizes. Both schools use durable, low-maintenance materials, such as CMU and polished concrete. Site designs focus on separating staff, parent, and bus traffic and creating easily supervised playgrounds.

Due to the urgent need for the new schools, the design schedule was compressed to just over six months, from programming through construction documents. A contractor was selected using CMAR procurement in order to facilitate an early work package to expedite construction. The design team has worked closely with the CMAR to refine the early work strategy, study assembly costs, and ensure that the design will be constructed efficiently. Construction began in June 2014 to allow both schools to be open for the start of school in August 2015.

Hobbs Municipal Schools

Hobbs, NM

50,001-75,000 sf


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