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Bridge Boulevard Redevelopment Plan

DPS was part of the team that completed the Corridor Plan for Bridge Boulevard in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. The central challenge for the team was to develop concepts to reflect the culture of the South Valley and strengthen adjacent neighborhoods, because area residents were wary of new development straying from the traditional, low density character of the area.

The consultant team hosted three meetings, including a three-day charrette. The charrette resulted in a series of broad design concepts that evolved into more specific corridor recommendations. The community was very engaged in the project, with an average attendance of more than 50 at each of the public meetings. Stakeholders were also updated through emails and a website. Residents received formal notifications as the project moved through the County approval process.

The Bridge Boulevard Corridor Plan document, the primary product of the project, proposes detailed recommendations for reconfiguration of the street itself, as well as a series of catalytic projects that could reinvigorate the corridor. DPS was responsible for rezoning along the corridor and recommendations for new development. The project generated real enthusiasm from the participants and meaningful dialogue with property and business owners. The project will result in more than $20 million in improvements.

Bernalillo County, NM


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