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B&C Tower Renovation

Dekker Perich Sabatini has been supporting Presbyterian Healthcare Services (PHS) at their flagship facility in central New Mexico since 2001. We started with a major expansion and renovation project that added three floors to the East side of the hospital. Since then, we've remodeled numerous sections of the hospital including the Emergency Department, Radiology Department, Surgery Department, Pharmacy, and MRI/CT suite. The current project, called the B&C Tower Renovations, will be an ongoing project through 2025.

The plan is to remodel each of the seven patient unit floors of the oldest part of the facility. We began in 2012 by upgrading and remodeling one floor per year with a year break in between to allow for projects at other facilities in the PHS system and around the Hospital campus. Currently, we have remodeled through the Fourth Floor and will continue construction after other projects on the campus are completed. The goal is to bring the entire facility up to current best practices and have all single-occupancy rooms in the B&C Towers.

Project challenges included the difficulty of upgrading building infrastructure including HVAC, plumbing, low voltage, and electrical systems all to current standards while working in a 24-hour operating facility and on an existing building that was built in the 1960s. Design challenges included working contemporary-sized rooms and elements into a building shell that was developed on much older thinking, continuing to tweak and develop the model for care delivery on patient care units, and working within difficult floor-to-floor constraints.

Construction challenges included difficult site access, working within an operating facility, doing plumbing work underneath each unit on occupied floors. The floors below each unit held radiology equipment or other patient units as construction progressed up the Towers.

There were many unforeseen site conditions that weren't apparent until demolition and informed design thinking for the next floors. To keep the projects on track and on budget, extensive schedule and budget coordination were performed during design and construction. Close collaboration between the design team, Owner, and Contractor made this challenging project come together on schedule and in budget.

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