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Arrowhead Park Master Plan

DPS worked with New Mexico State University to create a new master plan for Arrowhead Park, a 200-acre research park on the university's campus. Located at the intersection of Interstate 10 and I-25, Arrowhead Park is envisioned to become the region's premier research campus, and the master plan works to shape a unique and appropriate identity for the innovative campus.

Through a series of charrettes and workshops, DPS generated a planning framework that allows for growth and the flexibility to respond and adapt to future opportunities. This framework guides circulation, access points and highway interchanges, open space systems, infrastructure, and appropriate land uses and development intensities. DPS also created a transect development plan to help integrate the research park into the greater NMSU campus and surrounding city. The associated design guidelines will help shape the campus to convey its unique mission.

As a parallel effort, DPS is also working with Aggie Development, the development entity for NMSU, on a land use plan for approximately 2,000 acres of land that NMSU owns directly east of its campus. This land includes a cherished golf course and valuable commercial frontage. DPS is exploring options for how NMSU can generate additional revenue from these lands. The land use plan creates a long term land use framework that will help guide decisions for how to maximize the value of this property.

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