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This innovative senior community uses Montessori principles to engage aging adults in meaningful activities that promote independence and encourage them to contribute to their community. Amaran is integrated into the campus of an established Montessori school, Montessori One Academy, to enable daily interaction between seniors and children.

Amaran offers a mix of 72 assisted living and memory care apartments that include studio, one-bedroom, and 2-bedroom apartments. Each apartment is designed to reflect the Montessori principle of creating a prepared environment that provides sensory and behavioral cues to maximize independence. This includes custom entry cubbies that create a sense of order and routine at the transition between private apartments and shared spaces.

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This Montessori-based, intergenerational approach required rethinking many typical design practices for senior communities. Compared to a more traditional memory care environment where access to food and outdoor areas is often highly controlled, Amaran empowers residents to access healthy snacks and courtyards themselves (independently) through a design that balances access with safety controls. Residents will use Montessori work stations with real activities and authentic materials rather than more typical memory care activity stations. Technology is used to enable independence through voice activated controls rather than for simulated interaction or virtual reality. Stations and displays are designed to avoid clutter and provide height-appropriate counters, sinks, etc. that allow both seniors and children to take advantage of the prepared environment.

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The design of Amaran also includes operable windows, color-tuned lighting, and custom signage to create a cohesive environment and help residents easily navigate the community. Amaran's person-centered philosophy will benefit each resident in different ways. Residents with and without Alzheimer's or dementia will benefit from its structured environment, multi-sensory activities, and opportunities to spend time with children doing purposeful work and creating new relationships.

Mark 3S, Inc.

Albuquerque, NM

75,001-100,000 sf


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