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A clinic that never stops evolving

528 Primary Care Clinic

To expand their reach into the communities surrounding Albuquerque, Presbyterian established a clinic in the north part of Rio Rancho. This clinic is designed and built to provide long-term flexibility so the clinic can quickly respond to the needs of the community and provide the Medical Home care model. The Medical Home has primary care providers as its basis, with a rotating roster of specialists that are scheduled to be in the clinic on different days of the week so all of a patient's care providers can operate from the same place.

The floor plan currently accommodates two 8 exam "pods", radiology, laboratory space, and a community education room, with planned expansion for two more 8 exam provider pods as the clinic grows in the future.

As a partner with Presbyterian, the 528 primary care clinic is just the most recent example of how we continue to evolve, explore, and continually improve the model for outpatient care environments, and how the correct flows and planning can improve patient outcomes.

Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Rio Rancho, NM

10,001-25,000 sf


Beyond the Building

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