Sanjay Kadu

Design Leader / Principal

Sanjay was inspired by the careers of his father and grandfather, who were both architects. A thesis project on remote schools spurred his interest in educational design. He appreciates school projects for the profound impact they have on students during their formative years. His work includes award-winning facilities that integrate technology and support ever-evolving learning models.

He co-leads our education studio, specializing in K-12 projects. Sanjay is a hands-on principal and remains heavily involved in both design and client interaction. His passion is design excellence. He balances his time between long-term strategy, quality control, and mentorship. Dedicated to enhancing the learning experience, Sanjay explores every possibility to support students and educators.

Still enraptured by the creative process, he most enjoys sitting down with clients and crafting innovative solutions to their problems. When he’s not at work, Sanjay likes to spend as much time as possible with his two young kids – both of whom attend schools he designed. He tries to infuse their perspective into his drawings, which he still does by hand.


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