Megan Holubiak

Studio Leader / Principal

Megan’s dad worked for a time as home builder, and she liked playing with his graph paper and drafting tools. High school brought the opportunity to do her own drafting and have professionals critique her work – sparking an ongoing dedication to design process. Licensed as an architect, Megan found herself drawn to interiors, where people most closely interact with space. Bringing an interdisciplinary perspective, she is passionate about making interior environments look and function their best.

She leads our interiors studio with a focus on higher education and workplace projects. Megan loves interacting with clients and helping them see possibilities. With skill and creativity, she works to turn their hopes and dreams into practical, sustainable realities. She appreciates challenging, innovative, and meaningful projects that provide lasting benefits for the communities they serve. As a leader, she strives to create a culture where all team members can recognize and grow their strengths.

In keeping with her earliest experiences, Megan still likes engaging a wide range of perspectives in the problem-solving process. One of her key goals is supporting and leveraging the firm’s design quality. When she’s not working, she loves spending time with family. She enjoys any opportunity to get outside with her young daughter, whether it’s a stroll through the neighborhood or a hike in the mountains.

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