Matt McKim

Design Leader / Principal, Education + Science

Matt was the kind of kid who liked to take things apart and figure out how they worked. To keep him from dismantling the toaster, his mom pushed him toward Legos and Tinkertoys instead. Matt brings that same energy to creative problem solving today.

He co-leads our education studio with a focus on higher ed. Matt appreciates education projects for the tough, messy puzzles they present – but also for the smart, passionate people they bring together. He values collaboration, believing that complex problems demand diverse perspectives. His dedication and loyalty to clients helps strengthen the firm. With vision and enthusiasm, he is working to make DPS a national thought leader in higher ed and laboratory design.

Matt has a good eye for design and for potential. Grateful to his own role models, he mentors staff and ensures that our teams have all the resources they need to succeed. A self-professed car guy and audiophile, Matt enjoys working on cars and listening to music. With his soccer dad days winding down, he looks forward to honing his golf game.


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