Keri Stevenson

Design Leader / Principal

Keri’s journey to architecture was a winding one. After studying ecology in college, she had the opportunity to join an engineer on a site visit. She was immediately interested. The realization that she could make a career by blending space creation and science was an important one. Like ecology, architecture is about environments and systems; it was a natural transition for Keri, furthered by excitement for the artistic aspects of design.

Keri guides our clients and teams to create opportunities in higher education, science, and medical education. As an architect, she has found a true passion: ensuring that educational design supports the learner with high quality, flexible environments. Keri works to serve students from PreK-12 to higher ed, in 4-year and community colleges, and more. In all she does, Keri considers the context—where people have been and where they want to go, to realize their goals, dreams, and potential.

Keri stays centered by getting outdoors in her free time, often with her daughter. She previously worked as an architectural conservator,  documenting and preserving structures and architectural finishes. She is interested in the way objects can give insight into a particular moment in time.

Keri Stevenson, Principal, Dekker Perich Sabatini

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