Kendal Giles

President / Principal

Kendal was first enthralled by architecture’s combination of art and science. Over the years he gravitated toward the business side, becoming fascinated by the challenge of running an operation grounded in creativity. Whether working on specific projects or making firmwide decisions, the through line is that Kendal likes engaging his left and right brain to find solutions.

As President, Kendal oversees all aspects of operations including finance, risk management, human resources, and scheduling. He has been with DPS for over 35 years and applies his depth of knowledge to devising new methods for growth and adaptation. His mission is to make the firm’s next phase even more successful than the current one. A stabilizing force, Kendal builds consensus by integrating disparate viewpoints into coherent strategies.

He is intentional about developing new leaders and fostering a culture of collaboration. Kendal is most fulfilled by watching our employees thrive and giving them opportunities for advancement. When he’s not working, he enjoys running and mountain biking. He prefers doing crossword puzzles with a pen, believing that one should own their mistakes.


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