Juan Dorado

Studio Leader / Principal

Juan realized his love for buildings when he wandered into a Carlsbad Elementary School mechanical room, sparking an interest in what it takes for a project to come together and the lasting effects on individuals and communities. After graduating in a class of 32 people in Loving, NM, he went on to study the evolution of architecture alongside emerging pedagogies in college. Now he uses his insight into rural and remote areas to create impactful projects that perfectly fit small communities.

Juan co-leads the education studio and specializes in K-12 projects while creating synergies between primary and higher ed. His goal is to propagate new ideas and technologies that help buildings better support students regardless of age group or level. A natural connector, Juan forges strong bonds between the design team, clients, consultants, and more, making sure contractual scopes and project needs are met. He loves giving teams the opportunity to run with their ideas and invent their own futures.

Raised on farm and as the grandson of immigrants, Juan believes in working hard to create a better world for upcoming generations. He strives to achieve this aim by building schools and leaders with a deep sense of pride and purpose. When he’s not working, Juan enjoys leisure activities with an open agenda: camping, jet skiing, and getting outdoors with his wife and dog, Bentley.


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