Jeremy Shelton

Studio Leader / Principal

“What kind of buildings do you design?” Jeremy was warned in college that this is the first question architects get asked at dinner parties. He believed then as he does now that a skilled architect can design any kind of building. Jeremy maintains this principle as co-leader of our commercial studio, where he oversees a wide variety of project types and scales.

He defines the studio’s strategic goals and pushes the firm toward increasingly specialized projects. His aim is to give staff a sense of pride in their work. Unique among designers, Jeremy has also cultivated an expertise in specifications and contract documents. His talent for organizing information in a logical, accessible way is instrumental to realizing a client’s vision.

A spirit of service underpins all of Jeremy’s efforts at DPS. Whether the mission is to end homelessness or boost patient healing, he has been most fulfilled by projects with a clear social objective. When he isn’t buried in contracts or shuttling his kids to extracurricular activities, Jeremy enjoys running, hiking, and being outdoors.


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