Gregor Wells

Director of IT / Principal

Gregor remembers his dad bringing home a Kaypro IV portable computer the size of a file cabinet. He liked playing text-based versions of Donkey Kong and Asteroids on it, sparking an early interest in computers. Fast forward to the present and Gregor, head of our IT department for over 25 years, is keeping DPS on the leading edge of technological change.

Innovation is never finished. Gregor embraces opportunities to enhance our collaboration and productivity, but carefully assesses the cost and benefit of any new endeavor. As a leader, he turns bold, forward-thinking ideas into actionable strategies. With vision and vigilance, he maintains our cybersecurity through layer upon layer of defense. He prides himself on running a friendly, responsive department that focuses on sharing, not hoarding, technical knowledge.

Gregor’s passion lies in finding creative solutions and teaching others. He gets to give back to the community (and play capture the flag) through his work with the Cub and Boy Scouts. When he’s not running around with his kids, he enjoys reading, woodworking, and playing piano.


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