Emily Allen

Chief Financial Officer / Principal

Emily found her passion for design at age five between the pages of Need a House? Call Ms. Mouse! She stuck to building forts and treehouses for a while, but by high school was working as an intern in the DPS materials library. The continuous opportunities for growth are what has kept her here since graduating from college.

As CFO, she bridges the firm’s financial and professional practices. She thinks about business as design and applies her creativity to numbers, plans, and strategy. Her background as an interior designer gives her insight from across disciplines and project types. Relationships are at the heart of Emily’s approach. Viewing all teams as integral, she unifies and advances operations firmwide.

Emily finds fulfillment in applying analytics and imagination to solve problems. Being a mom and engaging with the community both provide opportunities to put her unique skill set toward meaningful change. A self-described failing gardener, she dreams of one day creating a vibrant ecosystem around her home. Still inspired by Ms. Mouse, she and her husband are reimagining what the house will look like for their three boys.


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